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The Reserve

The future of the Reserve

 Almost 20 years have already passed since Miramare has been officially declared an Italian Natural Marine Reserve. During this period the Reserve modified its relation with the public in the way of enhancing the public awareness towards environmental conservation: from time to time the staff of the Reserve identified its projects in order to conform them with the institutional priorities and with the WWF environmental programs.

At the moment, the Reserve is involved in many fronts, from the research to the education, up to the environmental qualification of the whole area where the Reserve works: in this regard, a big investment is carried out towards the small Grignano harbour, located along the perimeter of the core zone of the Reserve. This project contemplates the collection and the pre-processing of the bilge water of the boats and their sorting by the competent authorities, contributing therefore to enhance the water quality of the area.

The renovation of some structures previously used as fishing stores is also comprised. The aim is to transform these structures into an information point, where passages for the pescaturismo “fishing-tourism” can be booked; these structures will also house an illustrated itinerary describing the fishing seasons and the project of the eco-port.

Another action contemplates the restoration of the buildings located on the shore of the Bagno Ducale, where the educational activities are currently carried out with the schools and many excursions to the sea begin. Indeed, the Reserve got the authorization for restoring these historical but very deteriorated buildings due to many years of disuse without maintenance.

Concerning the education, the actions are oriented to the creation of itinerant exhibitions on marine thematics for increasing the public awareness and the knowledge of the environment of the Gulf.

In order to valorise the gastronomy and enological traditions of the area and to promote the local products, many events combining environmental education and local tastes are currently in progress, in collaboration with the city administrations. This will enhance the enormous heritage of relationships that (has always linked Trieste to its sea.





The future


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